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6. At work…

iPad has lots of productivity apps including iWork for iPad. Although the iWork for iPad suite doesn’t give you full capability of Mac version of iWork, it still a best choice for you who do presentation or meeting outside your office.

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Developer: Apple Inc.
Requirement: iOS 3.2 or later
Price: USD 9.99 each

For other productivity apps for iPad, you can browse through Productivity Category on iTunes App Store where you can find various iPad apps specially designed to help you do your work more productive.

We’ll discuss more about these iPad Productivity Apps later…

Developer: various developers
Requirement: varies
Price: varies



to be continued……


5. Check your Traffic before you hit the road

Before you leave your house, check your traffic using other iPad’s built-in app, Maps.

Using Maps not only you can find where you are, find a place, get direction from point A to point B, but also check your traffic before you even hit the road so you can make plan that might help you avoid getting trapped on a traffic jam. Maps shows you live traffic information, indicating average speeds along your route in easy-to-read green, red, and yellow highlights. (Always go with green.)*

Using digital compass, Maps can also show your heading direction right on your iPad so you cannot get confused while searching your location on the map.

Another great feature on Maps is Street View feature that allows you see the surrounding of the place you’re going to before you arrive,so you’ll recognize it when you get there. Tap to see a street-level image of where you’re headed, along with driving or walking directions. Zoom in on the image and it’s like you’re right in front of it. Zoom out to explore the neighborhood. And you can also do a virtual sight-seeing using this feature.*

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* not available on every city.

Developer: Apple Inc.
Requirement: iOS 3.2 or later + internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G)
Price: FREE


4. Check Your Schedule

After you finished reading latest news, don’t forget to check your today’s schedule. Use the built-in-app Calendar.

Calendar on iPad keeps your busy life beautifully organized. View your calendar by day, week, or month. See everything in a list. iPad changes views with a tap or a turn. In portrait view, you can see an entire month or the details of a single day. Rotate iPad to landscape, and you’ll find a list of the day’s activities on one side and your detailed schedule on the other. iPad makes it easy to focus on what you’re doing now, even while you plan for what’s next.

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Developer: Apple Inc.
Requirement: iOS 3.2 or later+ internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) to update your calendar
Price: FREE


3. Reading Latest News from around the World

This iPad app can aggregate exclusively made-for-mobile content from the most trusted news sources across the Web into a single, easy-to-read and up-to-the-minute mobile newspaper.

You can also share stories with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Top news sources including:
– The Washington Post
– Wall Street Journal
– FOX News
– USA Today
– and lots more

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Developer: Fluent Mobile Inc.
Requirements: iOS 3.0 or later + internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G)
Price: FREE


2. Check Your Email

Use Mail to check your email. Mail is a built-in app that you can find in your iPad. It’s similar to Mail application for Mac.

This app lets you see your messages in entirely in a better new and fun ways.

Mail for iPad utilize the accelerometer feature of iPad, In landscape, it’s a split-screen view of a message and your inbox, so you can plow through email quickly. When you need to focus, turn iPad to portrait and one message fills the screen. And with a tap, you can see your inbox whenever you like.

You can keep all your email account either in separate inboxes or put all your accounts in one inbox and see all your messages at once. Mail works with the most popular providers, including MobileMe, Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and AOL — along with most industry-standard IMAP and POP email systems.

Mail supports rich HTML, so images and photos appear right in the message. You can open a PDF, iWork, or Microsoft Office file in Mail. Save PDFs to iBooks and open them from the bookshelf. Save photos to your photo library and keep them in your collection. And print email from your iPad with AirPrint.*

It also can keep track of entire email conversations by grouping mail by thread — the original email and its many replies — under the most recent message. Need to hunt down a particular message? One flick brings up the search field so you can find it by subject, date, or recipient.

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Developer: Apple Inc
Requirements: iOS 4.2 + internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G)
Price: FREE


Daily iPad App for Business People

With iPad, you can surely make a change to your daily business day activities. Below is an example on how you can utilize your iPad to help you do your daily activities.

1. Waking up with iHome+Sleep

This is an iPad app developed by SDI Technologies. It’s feature-rich alarm clock for iPad, iPhone (and also iPod touch) for you who are looking for a complete alarm clock system.

This application combines a digital alarm clock and internet related application such as weather widget, social feeds and others.

If you use iPad WiFi + 3G version, you can use features like:

– Wake and Sleep to Internet Radio (requires $0.99 iHome+Radio app)
– Weather widget
– Post to Twitter & Facebook at bedtime and wakeup
– Wake to a summary of social feeds, for your “Overnight News”

Also this app has a configuration screens for numerous iHome app-enhanced devices.

This is really a feature-packed digital clock that you should try.

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Category: Utilities
Developer: SDI Technologies
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Notes: Need internet connection to utilize all the features of this app
Price: FREE


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